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40-60 minutes

From £160.00

Botulinum toxin A is used to treat a number of conditions within the body. It works by partially blocking nerve impulses which stimulate the associated muscle thus causing temporary muscle relaxation. Its use in aesthetic medicine is to help smooth your skin by injecting the muscle underlying the skin. As the muscle relaxes, the overlying skin softens thereby reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. These treatments are commonly performed in the upper face and areas around the lips, the chin and neck to combat the signs of ageing. 


The effects of injections are visible within 5-14 days after treatment

and can last up to 3 months...


Gummy Smiles

30-40 minutes


This is an excessive display of gum tissue when you smile. The muscle that controls this may be hyperactive causing the upper lip to lift higher than normal. A simple treatment may correct this and give you back the confidence you need. Please be aware that there may be underlying dental conditions so a full assessment will be needed before treatment.


Chemical Brow Lift

30 miuntes


A brow lift can help reduce the natural hooding of the eyelids. This is a non-invasive alternative to surgery to create an arched eyebrow. Often combined with the crow’s feet to give the ultimate fresh, youthful appearance.


Neck Rejuvenation

45 minutes


As we age, the skin overlying the neck gets thinner and the underlying bands in our neck begin to show more. This can drag the face down. By relaxing these bands the neck looks smoother and gives the appearance of a lift to the lower face.



45 minutes


While sweating is a normal and natural process it can sometimes be uncomfortable and have an impact on your confidence. Hyperhydrosis is a common condition that can affect the whole body or certain areas. Treatment with botulinum toxin in the area blocks the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

This treatment can be administered for a range of concerns, whether you’re a gym goer, athlete, office worker who wants to avoid the underarm sweat marks or if you're preparing for your big day.


Come in for a confidential consultation and get your confidence back.


Jawline Slimming/Bruxism

30 minutes


Muscles around the jaw can give a more masculine appearance. By treating with botulinum toxin, we can reduce the square-shaped jaw to give a more feminine look to the lower face.

This treatment can also be used for people who suffer from bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding.


Dermal Fillers

30 - 40 minutes

From £250.00

The most commonly used fillers consist of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It is a gel-like molecule that attracts and binds to water causing the skin to plump, improves skin hydration and production of collagen, and helps maintain skin elasticity. HA is a naturally occurring substance within our body. However, as we age, we produce less HA.

Dermal fillers are used to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance. They can be used to plump up wrinkles and fine lines and can be used for full facial sculpting. It can be used to correct volume loss or to enhance your natural features. Dermal fillers can offer the benefits of a face-lift without the downtime with immediate improvement.

Areas that can be treated include Nasolabial folds (Nose to mouth), marionette lines, perioral, smokers lines, and hands.

For a tailored package book a consultation to discuss further.

aroudn the mouth_edited.png

Lip Fillers

30 - 40 minutes

From £240.00

The pout is out!


Looking for shapely, beautifully defined natural looking lips? Look no further. Using less filler but still giving you the desired effect you after.


Cheek Fillers

30 minutes

From £300.00

Whether its loss of volume, or to create a high arched cheekbone, we can contour the upper face with this versatile treatment.

marionette lines 1_edited.png

Marrionette and nose to mouth fillers

30 - 40 minutes


These lines may be reduced significantly giving you a fresher, lifted, smoother look.

around the mouth2_edited.png

Around the mouth

30 minutes


Also known as smokers lines.


As we age, we produce less collagen causing vertical lines around the lips. Fillers can be used to fill these lines and smooth the area.

hand fillers1_edited.png

Hand Rejuvenation

30 - 40 minutes


While we concentrate on our face, we forget that our hands are also exposed to the ageing process. By treating the hands with dermal fillers we can remove wrinkles and smoothen out the skin for a more youthful appearance.


Skin Rejuvenation

30 - 60 minutes

From £150.00

If you have a specific concern such as acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea or just looking to get rid of those lines and wrinkles then look no further. You can have great looking skin and that perfect glow with safe and simple treatments.