Carrara Aesthetics aims to provide all Patients with the highest standards of care and customer service. If we fail to achieve this, we listen carefully and respond to complaints swiftly acknowledging any mistakes and rectifying them so that we can make improvements to our service. 


  1. The complaints full policy is made available to Patients, their affected relative or a representative when they first raise concerns about any aspect of the service they have received. 

  2. Responses at all stages are made quickly:

    • A member of staff will telephone the Patient on the same day that we are made aware of the complaint

    • A full reply can be sent within 5 working days

    • A detailed written response will be sent within 20 working days

    • Where there are delays and the investigation is still in progress a letter will be sent explaining the reason for the delay to the Patient at a minimum every 20 days


Carrara Aesthetics has a 3 stage process for handling complaints:

Stage 1: Local Resolution 

All complaints should be raised directly with Carrara Aesthetics in the first instance and should normally be made as soon as possible / within 30 days of the date of the event complained about, or as soon as the matter first came to the attention of the complainant. The Patient will be given a copy of our complaints procedure and invited to attend a face to face meeting with Carrara Aesthetics and other relevant parties to talk through their concerns and to try and resolve the issue at an early stage. The Carrara Aesthetics will go through a thorough process of investigation to include reviewing the case in detail and taking statements from all staff members/doctors concerned.  Carrara Aesthetics will responds directly to the person who has made the complaint (following a full review by the Carrara Aesthetics Director) whether the complaint was made verbally, by letter, text or email.


Stage 2: Complaint Review (an Independent Practitioner)

Patients who remain dissatisfied with the outcome of stage 1 may request in writing within 6 months to have their complaint moved to stage 2 where the handling of the complaint will be reviewed by an Independent Practitioner.

Stage 3: Independent External Adjudication*

If the patient is still not satisfied after satge 2, the case will be sent to an Independent External Adjudication for further review.



*An Independent External Adjudication by (ISCAS) the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service

Patients who remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint handling review at stage 2 can make a request in writing within 6 months of the final response to stage 2 for independent adjudication. ISCAS will only become involved if the first two stages of the process have been completed, as confirmed by a Carrara Aesthetics Director; ISCAS will, in the first instance liaise with Carrara Aesthetics to establish this.